Operating instructions for reservation system

Reservation system consist of five (5) phases: 1) SEARCH, 2) ADDITIONAL SERVICES, 3) BASKET, 4) PAYMENT and 5) CONFIRMATION.


Dates of arrival and departure can be selected from left side of page by clicking dates in a calendar. You can change months and years by pressing arrows.

Select first arrival date; selected date will appear to arrival date field. Then, select departure date; selected date appears departure field and selected period is painted in to the calendar. You can also write dates by hand in the arrival and departure fields. Dates must be in form dd.mm.yy. You can find also other main criterions from right side of calendar (for example persons and accommodation-type). Select suitable criterion for you (no forced). After this, press Continue-link from right-down corner.

After this you will be shown all accommodation destinations which correspond search criterions; destination name can be a link to additional information, price, persons and distance from ski center. You can get description of destination by pressing i-button in line and if you wish, you can take a look for extra photos by pressing photo-button in pictures-column. By clicking on the Calendar icon you can view the current booking situation of the cabin. Last column in list tells if destination is available or booked to defined time. If you have already moved selected accommodation item to the basket, text “in basket” is shown.

Listed destination group can be limit and/or sort with extra criterion (only available) and pressing New search –button. If there are more than 15 accommodation destinations with your search criterion, in bottom you can see link Next 15. Pressing this link, more accommodation destinations will open to a page. If you like to see previous items, select Previous 15.

Select available accommodation by pressing link which is under Status and press Continue –link at the bottom right.


When the desired destination has been selected, Additional Services page will appear. This page will display all additional services which may be available for the selected accommodation (for example cleaning, firewoods). Select the number of extra products you require, but if you don’t want extra products then continue by clicking on Add to basket.


Basket will show all selected cabins and extra services in page. It’s possible to return back from the Basket to select more destinations or extra services, by clicking on Return to products. Products may be removed by clicking on Remove link. To continue, click on Confirm booking.

Please note! If you have searched for other destinations, but only wish to reserve the one you have already located then you must remove the destinations you don’t require with Remove row -button.


This stage consists mainly of two parts: Customer info and Payment info. There are fields in the Customer info you need fill in. All other fields are forced except Company. You need to figure out a password, which you can re-use in future, if you will make a new reservation.

If you have previously used our internet shop, select I am a registered client. Search for your details by typing your email and password. Your details will appear in the various customer info fields.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on Password forgotten, fill in your email address and click on send -button. Password will be sent to your email.

In order to continue with the booking process you must read and accept a Booking conditions. Access this by clicking on the respective link and then check I accept box. “My personal information may be used in direct marketing” you tell if you want your personal information to be used on direct marketing.

In Payment info you select the type of card you wish to pay. When you have done this, an Invoicing box will appear. Here you must indicate whether you wish to pay only an advance invoice or whole booking. If the date of booking is close to the arrival date you will have to select payment for the whole booking.

Now click Continue. A new page will appear containing a summary of the invoice. Click on Payment and you will access your payment card pages.

Please Note! After paying please ensure that you return from your payment card pages (this may take place automatically depending on your payment card) back to the confirmation page of the booking system. If you do not return to the booking system at this point your cabin booking will fail!


Finally a Booking confirmation page will appear and you can see different info about invoice. You can print final invoice from the link on the page. The booking system will also send a booking confirmation and any final invoice to the email address you gave when registering. End reservation by clicking Quit booking.